The Smart Boat - Designed by Guides, Built for Anglers

Take any suggestion from anyone anytime, if it's a good one, and it's smarter, I'll put it in the product. Nobody would do that for me when I was a customer, therefore, my promise is to do that for all SmartBoat products and customers.
- Ivan Perrin, Owner/Designer, SmartBoat

Quote from Warren Coco-Owner, Go-Devil, Baton Rouge, LA, during an in person meeting at his facility to show him the SmartBoat.  "Ivan, how old are you? I answered proudly, 56. Ahhhhh, Son, you're too old to start a boat company!  you need to be late 20's or early 30's!"

Coming Soon to Market, The Smart boat company's "Colorado" model.

A highside Mckenzie River style drift boat for Fly Fishing heavier wave trains like the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs.

- Only Walk around design, HDPE hull in production
- No regular maintenance cost on the hull for hitting rocks
- Only drift boat with rod trays accepting of 11' rods
- Rod tray capacity is six to eight rods with reel either direction
- Rope seats standard
- Offset anchor system to provide for 10 HP engine rating with Coast Guard
- Stern of boat designed to be poling platform
- Front line deck to facilitate standing casting platform
- Foam decking throughout boat with rulers standard
- Prototype testing for the "Colorado" summer 2022
- Reservation Deposits being accepted for 2023 production season



After a number of years in March of 2019 I realized no other person will build the boat that I wanted but me. I then set out to start drawing the boat on paper. The process involved a 3 step sub-assembly. My good friend and fellow guide Tony Fotopolus was my immediate advisor for the Colorado Model. Along with all other comments I received from guides and clients over the past 30 years.

The contracting of each of the sub-assembly steps allows the SmartBoat to be constructed by experts over multiple years in each of their respective trades. The first sub-assembly step is to weld the HDPE together in the shape of completed computer drawings. The second sub-assembly step is to fabricate the aluminum framing for the boat. The third sub-assembly step is the coating, assembly, and decking of the fiberglass board.

Once the three sub-assembly steps are performed then the boat can be assembled in about one day.

The 2 prototypes "Colorado I and II" will be tested the 2022 season. Engineers will be reviewing design through this testing season. Once Engineer review is completed of the "Colorado" then the "Miss Grace" will be drawn by Ivan along with advisors whom currently are in the Southern fishing industry . The hope is to have one prototype of the "Miss Grace" completed the winter of 2022.

Both Models along with other SmartBoat products will be available to customers 2023.

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